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Sales Report Feature Request

 On the detailed sales report that is grouped by department and category the sales tax is not included on the report.  On the detailed sales report that is sorted by transaction number the sales tax is included.  I basically have a secondary company, sort of a consignment, that has its own category.  So at the end of the day I can run a sales report grouped by category and see which sales belong to them and which belong to me.  If it included how much tax was collected for each category then I wouldn't have to calculate anything manually.  Thank you so much for such a great program.

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 Thank you for your post.  The reason we do not include tax when a report is not run by transaction is tax rounding issues.  The tax collected on an item is left at 8 decimal places to provide the best accuracy; however, taxes are calculated and rounded based on the total (with the item's tax settings under consideration), not for each item.  If we rounded by item, too much tax would be collected in some situations.  If we ran a sales report by item or category the report total for tax would most likely be minimally inaccurate when compared to the sales report by transaction (the actual amount collected).  The way you are doing it now seems to be the correct option as you are taking the gross sales of all items to be considered, calculating your tax and then rounding (like one big transaction).  I will use this idea as a test case for adding a total to the other reports as well... the only flaw i see is it would be a recalculation vs pulling the amount actually collected.

I hope that helps.

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