Please uninstall any older versions first. (DO NOT UNINSTALL SQL SERVER or your data may be lost.)

Always make a precautionary backup of your data before changing versions (Tools menu > Server/Database > Backup database). 

Here is the full upgrade procedure (9 minutes):


- Added quantity plus and minus increment buttons to the POS screen. When reducing to zero, the user will have the option to delete.
- Fixed an issue where the transaction voids if the change due screen is displayed and the system times out and the user decides to log out.
- Fixed bug where membership start date was being displayed at POS rather than end date.
- Added Membership type.
- Fixed bug where gift card amount check was updating all cards and not just the specific card.
- Made Barcode label grid sortable. Default order is the order in which the labels were added (this is the ID column).
- Added a 2 second timeout for the pole display. The default was no timeout which caused the program to hang indefinitely.
- Added ability to search user permissions. Found permissions will be highlighted.
- Updated Cash Drawer Adjustment > Cash left in drawer field. Now tied to permission that allows user to see over/under.
- Ask for Tracking when a sale transaction start.
- Customer POS Notes appear in AR payment Window.
- Added Modifiers button to item Menu at POS screen.
- Show the Name of the Printer on the receipt.
- Added default history length for customer history. Length defined in Options.
- QuickSell buttons added font and size selection.
- Added ability to show additional receipt printers In Follow up windows. POS Followup & Save Followup
- Added Discount type for Target Item Price that will allow targets to override the item price during date of the discount rule.
- Cleaned up discount target screen to make it faster to add/edit targets.
- Added ability to multi add and delete for discount targets
- On Receipts & Tax Disclosure Window consolidate taxes with same name & value as one.
- Added Business Summary Report with the Same Closing Store Total Data Report, but include detailed tax breakdown and be able to choose the data Range.
- Added new item type called "Price-based Item". This item will prompt the user for a total line item extended price and adjust the quantity based on the total price divided by the each sales price.
- Update Sales report - summary - list by item to have sortable column headers.
- Added gift card issued to X and Z reports
- Added profit to X and Z reports
- Added ability to manage inventory from item search screen.
- Fixed Sales report sorting for list by item group by attribute
- Added ability to have system assign customer number. Number can also be seeded/set manually.
- Added POS Notes icon in column 1 of Customer Search screen.
- Added new loyalty points feature to allow system to use as many points as possible to fulfill a redemption. (Fixed Auto Points)
- Updated loyalty points to allow partial points which makes it easier to award and redeem points.
- Added option to allow auto discounts for customers only if they have membership start and end dates defined.
- Added ability to disable item selection from Item Search. (set as View only) Can still be sold directly by SKU or from QuickSell.
- Add ability to use webcam to set customer photo.
- Fixed customer note field alignment.
- Fixed issue with messaging module.
- Fixed receipt printing when only print new items is selected. Was still printing in some situations.
- Added default printer and drawer description when adding new devices.
- Added new items only option to POS receipts as well. If not items, receipt will not print.
- Fixed validation issue at POS when trying to issue store credit as credit when the customers existing balance is lower than the amount being returned.
- Removed debug/test only code.
- Improved error message detail.
- Added get local timestamp script for use in multi-timezone environments.
- Fixed issue when importing inventory with image filename.
- Added DBA name on successful LotHill merchant validation.
- Fixed AR Payment report. was using incorrect SQL driver for part of the report.
- Added virtual terminal menu links for priority and dejavoo.
- Added ability to manually close a batch when using dejavoo integration.
- Added date range filter to data export for table that support it.
- Added placeholder to email messages sent using a list. {to-name} will be replaced with full name. {to-firstname} will be first word in customer/contact name.
- Added verification that Department, Category exist before running applicable reports. A warning will appear if there is an issue.
- Added ability to import photos with inventory using the photos filename. do not move or rename the file or the link will be lost. UNC path is ok.
- Fixed error when saving or voiding transaction with no items in the sales grid.
- Updated saved receipt. Receipts will not print if no items changed. Was previously printing a receipt with no items on it.- Added price to non-selected items if option to do so is selected. Selected items show a + before the price.
- Enhanced logging.
- Added support for BIN lookups to determine if a swiped card is a debit or credit card. This is used for determining if a surcharge can be applied in compliance with card brand regulations.
- Updated manual card entry screen for better visibility and functionality.
- Fixed receipt layout. when bold lines word-wrapped they wrapped early and continued as not bold.
- Added customer handling features to customer screen for LotHill card integration.
- Added option to confirm the customer when making an AR payment from the POS screen. If off, the payment is defaulted to the customer currently assigned to the transaction.
- Updated minimal receipt image to have more defined bold for multi-line item descriptions.
- Added customer id to payment when linked to LotHill card integration.
- Added customer integration to LotHill card integration.
- Added manager approval to proceed or try again if there is an unknown error.
- Added store credit validation when processing a transaction.
- Added PDF attachment to receipt email for saved and history receipts.
- Added ability to go back and edit a cash drawer reconciliation. Employee permission required.
- Added an option to have the AR balance detail attached when an AR payment is made and emailed to the customer.
- Added sales report by department & category to available closing reports.
- Added COGS total on the X and Z reports
- Added ability to preview Store Close report from session history screen.
- Added option to print 3" store close z-out report.
- Added additional tax breakdown information to X and Z reports.
- Added a selection to hie zero balance accounts on balance summary reports.
- Added AR payment follow up screen with ability to open drawer, reprint and email receipts.
- Added ability to email saved receipts.
- Added ability to make an AR payment or view balance from POS without having to select the customer again, if they've already been added to a transaction.
- Added option to select printer when printing saved transactions.
- Enabled receipt emailing for Standard edition.
- Added option to show the Tracking Window when saving a transaction.
- Added permission to Allow user to run payment reports before today
- Updated modifier display to show + for modifiers with a price and a bullet when there is no price adjustment.
- Enhanced receiving by splitting ship/Added cost among items received.
- Added option to show price in modifier selection screen.
- Added new minimal receipt with qty first.
- Added modifier price to selection screen.
- Added default history
- Added sales report date restrictions
- Added sales report by group code total for group if more than 1 item in group