Please uninstall any older versions first. (DO NOT UNINSTALL SQL SERVER or your data may be lost.)

Always make a precautionary backup of your data before changing versions (Tools menu > Server/Database > Backup database). 

Here is the full upgrade procedure (9 minutes):


2.21.23Added AR Aging report
2.21.22- Fixed issue with AR when customer number is a string.
- Added RSA key logic.
 - Added debug tools to manual card number and transaction number.
2.21.20- Updated dejavoo get transaction by refid vs replayid.
- Added ability to turn off device check for priority integration.
- Added MX API terminal status check to get device status.
- Enhances MX API response handling based on new status check.
- Added due date to AR statement. Includes Options setting for due date offset.
- Fixed tax inclusive price when using Ask for price at pos.
- Added user permission Allow user to change quantity during a transaction.
- Added service provider for httpclient to eliminate socket issues. used in dejavoo, bridgecomm and priority integrations.
- Added card processing reset when card declined. allows for use of different card.
- Enhanced priority with device integration to add device online checks and more listening for complete transactions.
- Enhanced Dejavoo test to include online and busy checks before sending test.
- Added modifier info to full page receipts.
 - Updated change to balance on full page when transaction is saved.
2.21.12- Enhanced manual card processing for Priority.
- Added Street and Zip handling.
- Added surcharge for manual card processing.
- Added Tip and Surcharge handling when added by Dejavoo device.
- Added StatusCode to return values for Dejavoo.
- Enhanced error messages for card integration.
- Added enhanced cancel confirmation/permission for Dejavoo/Priority.
 - Enhanced percent discount.
2.21.9Changed report connection from sqlncli10 ro sqloledb
2.21.8- Fixed cancel dejavoo.
 - Updated app config for json to v13
2.21.7- Increased dejavoo timeout.
- Added ability to abort dejavoo processing.
 - Added dejavoo lookup if disconnected.
2.21.6- Added device timeout message.
- Fixed inventory grid
- Fixed email attachment error.
 - Updated merch unlock to trim values.
2.21.5Add handling for partial approval
2.21.4Added more error handling to processing and test device featture for dejavoo
2.21.3Added dejavoo spin direct
2.21.0- Added pdf receipt attachment option
- Added/updated reports with new sorting capabilities
 - New discount feature, cust export, priority integration upgrade, gochip separation, load assembly cleanup
2.20.21Added notes for trade in and donation payment types
2.20.18- Fix receive quick add cost. tblDelivery fix.
- Add Customer List to close reports.
- Add ability to rename payment buttons.
 - Fixed blind refund option checkbox.
2.20.15Fixed customer search grid scroll bar issue
2.20.13Fixed statement report connections
2.20.11Finished trade in and donation rename changes
2.20.10Fix add/search prompt feature
2.20.9- Update install script to create full install zip with sql server
 - Deployment changes. settings upgrade. misc enhnc
2.19.0 - 2.20.0Added direct card processing for lothill payment platform
2.18.13Updated GoChip to 1.5.15
2.18.12- Added option to transfer quantity only.
- Added ShowCost value to Item History report.
- Update launch conditions, remove flashcontrol
 - Changed signing time server and removed all instances of VB Power Pack references.
2.18.10Fixed first scan, if focus on grid space being added to item.
2.18.9Fixed tax inclusive for non-tax items and cust list printing
2.18.8Added allow discount permission
2.18.6Analysis Additions & Receipt changes
2.18.5Fix invoice skipping
2.18.0Added commission spiff report.
2.16.20- Reprint dupe note.
- Auto-fill receiving details.
- Card proc message reset.
- Fix quickadd receive.
- Fix inv allow enable by remote db.
 - Fixed price savings.  will only show of > zero
2.16.4- Misc remote db sync changes
- Added inv receiving and trans report