This following message indicates that the database is not accessible to CashFootprint:
    "A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. ..."
Possible Cause:
  1. The SQL Server Express software was not installed
  2. The SQL Server Express software was not installed per our installation guide.
    1. Typically the SQL Server Browser service is not running and therefore the CashFootprint software cannot see the full server instance name during initial configuration.  This will cause CashFootprint to use an invalid server instance name thus causing the error.
  3. (Mutli Terminal Setup Only) The firewall ports were not properly configured on the main computer to allow incoming server requests to be acknowledged.
    See the following link for port information: SQL Server Firewall Ports for Multiple Terminals 
  4. See the following link to make your SQL Server instance visible: SQL Server Setup/Install and Server Visibility 

If any of the above configurations had to be adjusted, you may need to change the server connection configuration. Please see the How to Change the Server Connection post.