Initially CashFootprint will not process credit cards.  The default is Manual Mode and you are required to process your cards through an external processing device, web site, etc.  Once the card payment is approved through the external device, you will then go back into CashFootprint and enter the last four digits and the authorization code.  The last four digits and the authorization code will then print on the customer's receipt.


Get Seamless and Secure Processing!


If you want to process cards seamlessly and securely, we recommend using merchant services and the Assure Secure Processing integration from Signature Processing, Inc.  The merchant account signup process is simple and you can be processing cards directly through CashFootprint within a few days.  SPI has provided merchants with unsurpassed support, competitive pricing and integrity for over 15 years. SPI's management has over 37 years combined experience in the payment processing industry.


The CashFootprint & Assure integration allows for a secure, fast and seamless customer service experience.  No switching from the computer to the credit card terminal and back.  No manual entry of card and authorization information.  No separate credit card receipt to staple to the POS receipt.  We recommend using CashFootprint™ with Assure to make your business flow smoothly so you can keep your customer lines to a minimum.


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