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Kitchen monitor system

We are needing to have a computer system in the kitchen that runs a partial program of cash foot print. Need to have it where after sale is processed & the screen to reprint or continue comes up for it to ask to send ticket to kitchen. If you hit kitchen, then the order would pop up on kitchen screen. Setup with 4 rows across for orders. It could read just like a receipt BUT would have your tracking system available so cooks could update tracking by selecting order, press tracking & then that screen comes up. Then they could clear that order from screen. Wouldn't need to run any other functions or parts of program. Just setup for touch screen system. Right now we are waking receipts back to kitchen but they get lost sometimes. This would help us a lot. James if you could, figure out how much this would coats to make a paid feature update. If all else fails, could you make another button on continue screen that says (send to kitchen printer) then have another shared printer setup in network system that you could route it to?
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