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Show Discounts on POS Screen

When a discount is applied we can see the Price and SubTotal both decrease.  However, there is no separate line on the POS Screen to clearly show the discount.


Can a Discount line be added to clearly show the discount on the POS Screen?

 Added to the sale status bar below the items list.  Added as of version

thx for this - I have tested this and it does work.

However, I would suggest replacing it with a separate column up in the product listing that itemises the discounts for each line item.

The current layout of showing the discount in small text at the bottom left of the screen status bar is not obvious to your average cashier.  Would be more useful if it was really in the face of the cashier and shown per line item.

Not being ungrateful, just a suggestion!



Thanks as usual Jarron.  I like the idea and will make not for when we implement the option to select which column should appear in the grid by default.  Ex: Many users do not use the SKU outside scanning the barcode and would prefer not to see it.  Same for restaurant style users who do not have barcodes.


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