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Custom Fields on Items

Can we add the option to add Custom Fields (ie. User Defined fields) to Items?

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Expanding on this request using information from the ticket you submitted.

Jarron: We use the Random Weight Barcode functionality in Cashfootprint to sell perishable goods (we are a butcher). Our Label-Printing-Scales print the labels and then we scan them into Cashfootprint.

We did not want to maintain the product list in both Cashfootprint and the Scales so we built a small application that:

- Uses Cashfootprint as the Product Master

- Copies Cashfootprint products from the CF mssql database into the Scales' database

One field that the Scale requires on each product is not available in Cashfootprint: the "Expiry Date Offset". This is the number of days from sale after which the perishable product should be thrown out.

Now, I don't expect that all of your customers need an "Expiry Date Offset" field. But I am sure that many have some type of Custom Information that they would like to attach to Products. Many business applications deal with this by introducing the concept of Custom Fields - it greatly diminishes the number of Feature Requests required over time.

So my feature request is:

- Add the ability to optionally define Custom Fields on Products

- Ideally these would be available in the following data types:

---- Integer

---- Decimal

---- String

---- Boolean

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