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Separate Item Number and PLU

Many stores have two different ID's for their products:


- An item number/SKU (used internally for inventory management, reporting, etc); AND

- A separate barcode lookup id (often called the "PLU", often created by the supplier/manufacturer).


Can we add an extra field to the Item Properties for the PLU?

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Check out the Ordering tab within the Inventory Setup screen and let me know if the Case/Sku is what your are referring to.  The SKU, Group Code and Case SKU are all searched at POS.


It looks like that field is for capturing a manufacturer's Case SKU for Purchase Ordering (and accompanying the ratio of Item-SKUs-per-Case-SKU).


I think that can probably do what I need - thx.


We are not using Cash Footprint for Purchasing or Inventory Management.  In this scenario, is it OK to use the Case SKU field and leave "Items per Case" at its default value of zero?  Any downstream negative impact you can see on doing this?

New problem with similar to this. We have some companies now using abreviated upc bar codes on some products but invoices & their inventory scan in sheets have the long bar codes on them! We need to be able to have 2 different bar codes listed or linked to same item! We are using the case bar code & case count to re order & receive on some (ie case of candy bars with "upc" equals 36 candy bars with this "upc". Like Fritolay small cans of bean dip. Invoice & scan in sheets have 5 extra zeros printed in middle of bar code whereas cans don't have this extra zeros. If we enter stuff to match invoice/scan in sheet, when clerk rings up can customer brings up system can't find it.

I didn't notice from your reply, are you using the group codel/masters sku?  if not, you can put the short sku under the group code

I am using the group coding for the cases. So can't use it for short codes too.

Ok, so you use all 3 values right now (item number, group code and case plu)?  I will take a peek at adding more alias values.

Well I do use all three but not on every product. If I had some that I had clerks put short barcde (abbreviated Barcode) in the case code and enter 1, I think they would get confused. Also I am confused as I thought group code is where you list all items that went into a custom food item. Ie for cowboy club sub 6" it pulls a a 6"bun, 3 oz of each meat, 2 oz tom, 1 oz lettuce, 1 oz toppings.... so that it pulls the correct amount or servings of each item from inventory and figured costs. I will test again but didn't think I could put it in case code and it would ring up on pos screen. Thanks

A suggestion - I wonder if this Request is best dealt with by introducing Custom Fields (

More work initially but would handle all future requests of the nature "I need an extra field for <my requirement here>".

Just to clarify a few things. I am no longer with the store that I started this thread on HOWEVER I am in process of opening a new store and will have the same problem there.
I use the UPC code for the barcode. I use the case/qty to enter the barcode on the manufacturer barcode on the box and enter the qty they supply.
I would just like a simply custom field for a 2nd barcode to be added. It could be for a PLU or barcode. Just like in grocery stores where the produce has standard PLU codes printed on little labels.
Could a 2nd box not be added for an additional or AKA barcode be used?
Thanks so much,


A second box could be added easily, but when i take a look at this request, the first thing that comes to mind is, what if someone want a thrid, then 4th field.  I think Jarrons addition to this would make more sense in addition to this... a flag that would make the custom field searchable when a barcode is scanned.


I'll take all of these into consideration when creating my iniital plan.  I'll then dump the idea here for review prior to implementation.

I like that idea. I also have the same need. I dont want to create my own barcodes. Its costly and cumbersome to print barcodes of my own and they dont necessarily stay stuck to the items. Also untidy and gather dust. Worse still, my SKUs are very long because they contain a lot of metadata so if i dont print barcodes the products are impossible to find because no one can remember all my SKUs. I just want to associate the manufacturers PLU or barcode with my SKU so that when i scan the bar code printed on the product by the manufacturer it automatically recognises the product in my inventory. A flag to make an additional attribute searchable in POS would be perfect, but what would also help me a lot is the ability to capture that field by just scanning the manaufacturer barcode. So basically just go through all my products one by one and for each one just put the cursor on the attribute and scan. The thought of capturing all the manufacturer PLUs manually makes me want to slit my wrist right here and now. Thanks you.



Quick question,


Is there a way to search for products in POS by just typing the name of the product or do i have to add them all onto Quick Sell? Coz that would be a good interim solution for me. As i see it it would simply mean the product name/description becomes searchable in POS.



Hi Charles,the only search we have right now is the magnifying glass (search screen) at the POS.  You can add them all to the QuickSell pages too, but thats totally up to you.  We do have a backlog task to optionally add the ability to search an item's description using the SKU box on the main POS screen as well; this will allow you to perform description searches without using the Search screen.
Kind regards, James


Hey guys it looks like I am getting closer to opening a new line of stores. I will then be using the Barcode, case order/qty, and will need that extra 3rd line for Barcode thati started my questions off with back at the old convenience store. Has any work been done on adding the 2nd barcode field? Due to having long bar code on items, short Barcode printed on items, the case having a barcode on it which we will scan upon arrival of item & qty in case to which to add to inventory when it arrives. Thanks for your help. I knew once my people saw how easy it was to scan an entire car when it arrived without having to pen the case and take 1 item out to scan & then enter qty. Love the case count/qty feature so don't want to use it for single item sorry codes. I want to keep that set up correctly.
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