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Hide Order Number on Receipt

At present the Order ID appears on every receipt.


Can a configuration option be added to show on the receipt:

- Order ID only

- Order ID plus Order ID barcode

- Order ID barcode only.



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I saw this setting but I thought it added the barcode/receipt# at the bottom in addition to the receipt # at the top.  What I was looking for was to have:

1) The receipt number at the top; OR

2) The receipt number at the bottom; OR

3) The barcode at the bottom; OR

4) The receipt number and the barcode at the bottom.

Jarron, are you referring to the Sale/Refund # at the top of the receipt?  There is an option under Tools > Options > Receipt/Hardware tab > Printer/Drawer to show the barcode at the bottom of the receipt as well as the "order: number below that if desired.  See image.

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