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Receipt Shows incorrect Item Count When using Random Weight Barcodes


- Capture an order that includes (for example) one bottle of wine and 1.56 kilograms of steak.

- The wine is sold by piece/item, the meat is sold by weight (price per kilogram)

- The meat is captured using a Random Weight Barcode.


Expected Behaviour:

- On the Receipt we expect to see that 2 items were purchased (ie. Count items).


Actual Behaviour:

- The receipt shows that 2.56 items were purchased (ie. Sum quantities).

Hey Jarron, I assume you signed up for the alpha or beta network?  I am addressing this issue right now and would like you to be a tester if you are interested.


Fixed in version


Thx - I have signed up for the Alpha Network and will take a look at this.

I have joined the Alpha network and upgraded to


CF tells me that I have the highest version - ie. cannot test on as requested.

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