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Price Includes Tax


This needs to be implemented asap
Three years waiting for a formula?
Hi Mike, thank you for your support of the forum.  We have this on our backlog along with many other features and plan to implement it during the first quarter of 2017.  Kind regards, James


Hi Mike, we're working on the tax inclusive and quicksell text requests for the Feb release.  This is a free update so you will not need to worry about being charged.

Question for you: For the items that have tax included, I assume you want to see the price including tax on your receipts.  We can either put a simple note on the bottom of the receipt stating "All prices include tax" or something like "Tax of $5.38 included in total".

Also, for the sales reports, we're planning to do the math for the actual sales price and tax so the reports will look like we have now.  This will ensure you are easily able to see true sales numbers vs tax inclusive sales numbers on the reports.  Let me know if you have something else in mind?

Have a great weekend and thank you for your support in growing CashFootprint.

Kind regards, James

PS: Anyone else have any comments?


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