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RF ID reader

I am switching from a fingerprint scanner to a student ID card reader.  I will register a new card, but the login credentials are invalid.   Through testing I found that the digits the reader populates to time-drop are inconsistent between swipes. 

I have tested the scanner on another PC.  On other programs, on the scanners utility program, and even on a simple word document to just read the keystrokes.  Everything is consistent in testing.

However when I load up up Time Drop, the reader populates unique number, characters, and even changes the length of the input string.  

Is there a setting in Time Drop or maybe the scanner that I need to adjust so the program can handle the date input

Where did you get the scanner?  Whats the model number?

Update.....If I select the Finger print scanner as the security device, the card reader inputs the correct number string in the students record.  However if I go back into the settings and select the PC Prox pro, the reader begins to input different number strings

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