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Ability to enter negative quantities to sale screen

 If a customer exchanges one item for another and they are different prices, currently it is done in two separate transaction. A Credit and then a Sale. It would be awesome if while in the Sale screen I could enter a negative quantity for the return item and then sale them the correct item all in one transaction. The Sale total would reflect the difference whether it be a negative or a positive amount. And the negative quantity item would be added back to inventory.

Thank you for reaching out.  This have been added as of 2.15.18.  That version has not yet been publicly released, but will be available within a couple weeks. 

Thank you for your patience.  - James

Thanks James. How’s that update progressing?

This has been added as of version 2.15.  TO enable this feature, go to the Tools menu > Options > Merchant tab and enable the Allow blind refunds option.

This will change the main POS screen toolbar a bit and add two new options: Blind Refund and Receipt Refund.

Blind refund will allow you to return item when enabled.  Toggle on or off when you need to add a return to a sale.  Use the Receipt refund to tie the refund to a prior receipt.

Please let me know if you need any additional help.

Here is the YouTube video that covers updating the software.  As always, make a database backup BEFORE updating.

Thanks, James

I don’t have that option. I’m running 2.15.9. That’s the latest version you offer on your website. 

Here is the direct link to a newer 2.15 version:

Thank you.

Thank You

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