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Fingerprint scanner does not work consistently

 Have only had the product for a week,There are 6 employees,and the fingerprint scanner is not working consistently for some ,including me, We have registered me 3 different time with multiple fingers,we clock in morning,lunch in lunch out and leaving,so it's 4 times a day,There's 2 or so that it has been working fine for every time since set up,but for me ,we re register me a 3 fingers, it works once or twice then stops recognizing me,says something like login credentials are incorrect or something,my boss will put her finger on scanner and it recognizes it every time,I would appreciate this to get resolved,this is a real pain in the ass 4 times a day

Thanks Joe

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Hi Joe, thanks for reaching out.  Good to hear from you.  I totally understand the frustration.  What is your roll at the company?  I do know that mechanics and others that abuse their hands a lot will have trouble.  That's just the nature of fingerprint identification.  The worst is roofing or masonry work.  For these folks, usign the off-hand ring or pinky finger is the best bet.  They get less traffic than all other fingers.

I understand you've re-registered your prints a few times, but please review this video.  I may have a nugget of information that may be helpful.  Its very short:

Please respond back if that helped or if you are still having issues.

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