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TimeDrop don't recognize my fingerprint reader

I'm trying to use the TimeDrop trial.

I have a fingerprint reader "U.are.U 4000B Reader" from Digital Persona.

When I started up the application, it asked  me to install the driver/SDK. I installed it and restarted my computer, but when I go to Config > Terminal > Select Scanner, my scanner isn't in the list to select.

I'm using Windows 10 x64.

I then tried to use in my notebook which's Windows 8.1 x64. I installed the TimeDrop and installed the driver and restarted the notebook. When I went the configs of the TimeDrop the reader was there to select (this means my reader is working correctly).

In my windows 10, I can use the Windows Hello without any problems to log in the windows with my fingerprint.

Does anyone knows why the reader device doesn't show up in my Windows 10 Computer?

Thank you!

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Hi, thank you for reaching out.   Just so I am clear, you did install the driver on the Windows 10 machine as well?  It will work on Windows 10 just fine.  We use Windows 10 here as well.  Please also send over a pitcure of the bottom of the reader so we can verify the model number.  Some are keyboard emulating and some are not.  We want the one that's not, but as you've pointed out.  It works on your other computer.  My initial guess is that its a software conflict with the Windows Hello feature.  Do you know if there is any other Digital Persona software or drivers installed?  Thanks, James

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