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Extra paper before Receipt and after

 Got a new receipt printer from  Lothill and its great.(Thanks James!) My desktop printer does not do this. The laptop (new)printer will leave a tab of paper before and after you print a customers sales receipt.The tabs are only about 1/4" to 3/8ths inch but I have to tear off before giving to customer. I am not that lazy where I can't tear it off but its also a waste of paper.  thanks...Jim

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Hi Jim, I know we covered this issue already through a ticket, but I wanted to respond here are well.

This issue is due to the printer driver setup.  Here is a video that covers the issue.  Basically, since the cash drawer is connected to the receipt printer and the command to open the drawer is sent through the printer, the printer is still issuing a paper feed command.  You will need to set the End of Document setting to No Feed.  This will resolve the issue.  Here is the video:

Hi James,yes I took care of it before and its been working fine. If I can ask another question, I have 2 pos systems and one's perfect and the other on my laptop the POS screen needs to have the font enlarged. Where would I change that at. I've looked but can't seem to find the location to change the font size. Thanks...Jim

Hey Jim, if you‘re looking to change the size of the font in the POS grid, that can be done in Tools menu, Options, Terminal tab, Theme tab.  if you want to adjust the over all size of the font for buttons, text and everything that would be a Windows screen resolution setting.

Thank you as always, I am glad to use CashFootPrint POS.

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