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partial refunds

 How do you do a partial refund with CashFootprint? This comes up frequently in my business. similarly, I sometimes need to do a cash refund when the purchase was made by credit card; is this possible in CashFootprint?

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Hi Amy, thank you for using CashFootprint.  To issue a partial refund, you would find the original transaction by clicking the Refund toolbar button > enter the transaction number.  The other option to find the original transaction is to use the History button on the main POS screen.  Lookup the original transaction number using the transaction filter or by searching the list of recent transactions, highlight the desired transaction then click the Refund button on the bottom of the History screen.  When the Refund screen appears, adjust the quantity of the item to be returned.  Select the refund tender type and enter the amount to refund.  With refunds, the refund payment defaults to that of the original payment.  You can, however, refund as store credit or cash if enabled.

To allow cash refunds, go to the Tools menu > Options > Business tab > check the Always allow cash refunds option down by the Payment Type options.

Please let us know if you need further clarification.  Kind regards, James


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