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Customer Displays

 I see where you offer a larger flat panel display in your online store that uses usb/vga connections.

I had purchased some used serial displays BUT to my surprise the were ones that required powered serial ports which I don't have. Thus stuck with 2 of those units.

Oh well.

Now that you offer a larger screen, instead of the normal 2 line displays, I am wondering if the program supports a customer display via vga port. If so can I use an type of flat panel monitor for it?

I would really like to have the larger color display flashing pics of items or special notes that I key in like sales when the terminal isn't in use. Then when I go to ring up someone it would show much more information to customer.

Our local grocery store went and mounted flat panel monitors at angle so that customer see it as well as cashiers, HOWEVER I really don't like the fact that the customers see the same screen that the cashiers see which could have notes and such for cashiers popup. The customer display really needs to be a separate feed than the cashiers.

Is any of this possible with the newer versions of Cashfoot Print?

I am excited that I am opening a new store and will be back using your program. I hope to have everything lined up and open by Feb 1 2017.

Thanks so much James and team.

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Hey Louis, great to hear from you again.  Great news on the new store; good job!  Yes, you may use any monitor you want.  VGA, HDMI, USB adapter, etc.  The latest version of CashFootprint (version has options for a customer facing screen.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Kind regards, James

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