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Quick sell

Need to see text below the picture. The picture should fit the box.

It's confirmed, the text for quicksell will be in the end of Feb release.  This is a free update.  See the other feature request for notes on the tax inclusive feature:


I'll dig into that tonight from home and let you know in the morning.  Im pretty sure its on the schedule for first quarter already.  We've got a lot of forward progress happening at the moment! =)
So how much is the quote and the timescale

 Hey, good to hear from you Mike.  Hope you are having a great new year.  I just brought on some help with the development so hopefully we can churn through some of the 200+ items faster than in the past.  I have a number of changes coming through the pipe for Jan.  If you need changes faster, we can certainly accommodate those and get you a quote for rushing those through ahead of our normal releases.  have a great rest of the week.  I'll be sure to let you know when the tax inclusive change has been implemented.

Kind regards, James

You seem to have a hell of a backlog! After months of talk waiting, still no progress with ANYTHING WE HAVE TALKED ABOUT! This is causing me major problems especially the tax inclusive issue. How hard can it be? If you are unable to provide this in a timely fashion please let me know so I can look for an alternative.
No offense taken.  We appreciate the feedback.. that's why we have the forum. :D


Thanks, I don't mean to sound negative because Cashfootprint is an excellent product. These three enhancementioned would raise the bar considerably though. Regards
Thanks Mike, I will add this to our backlog.  This will be put into the first quarter schedule for 2017 as we have a growing number of users using the QuickSell feature.  Kind regards, James
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