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selling items on credit

hi, I would like to know if Cashfootprint has the ability to manage customers that buy goods on credit. by credit I mean collect goods and pay at a later date.


Thanks as your prompt response would be appreciated.

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Hello, thank you for bringing that to out attention.  We'll have to update the video.  Go to the Tools menu > Options > Business tab > Select AR Account as a payment type.  That will enable AR throughout the system including making the AR tab visible on the customer screen.

Also, here is a link to the feature comparison:

Kind regards, James


thank you for your help, I downloaded the trial version of cashfootprint yesterday, I just went through the youtube video, how come I don't have the accounts receivable tab??


2) whats the difference between the standard and professional version?

Sure does, check out the new accounts receivable module.
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