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Android device app interface

I'd like to explore the possibility of a mobile solution. Please advise me on the possibilities. If its not feasible we can then cancel this request. 

I have a salesperson that travels to customers and makes sales. Problem is that she has to use paper and return to base before capturing the sale. It would be great if she could be able to just make the sale and capture it on the spot. I'm not asking for the development of an app, but rather a way for us to develop an app ourselves that can integrate with cash footprint database in some way. Like maybe we capture the sales on our app and upload them to the cloud database as a file if we have that option. Either in batch or per transaction. Is this even possible? I dont really know how the cloud solution works.

We may need a way to check stock availability before committing the sale. So maybe capture, check stock and then commit. We can provide her with a mobile receipt/invoice printer and a point of sale device. The world is really moving towards instant and mobile solutions. I really think this would place your software ahead of most.



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You are welcome to use CashFootprint on a Windows Pro tablet and connect it directly to your store.  This would require another license of CashFootprint and an internet connection ( hotspot, etc), but you would be able to use CF as if you were at the store.


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