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Edit Login Time

Using the evaluation version of the program to try it out. I've added one employee for now and clocked them in. However the ACTUAL time they clocked in was 2 hours ago. I tried to edit the clock in time but I get the following error:

"Data type mismatch in criteria expression"

Does the edit function not work in the evaluation version?

There is a bug in that version.  You will need to check then uncheck the "Clocked Out" option so that the clocked out date drop-down is disabled.  We have fixed this issue in version 2.0.5.  This version is scheduled to be released next week.  Kind regards, James


Also, as of version 3.0.0 you can use internet time (if available) as your base for clocking in and out.  This will alleviate and issues due to users changing the computer time.


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