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Monthly Price Change..

What is the best way to make price changes to items and have ready for new month ?

Thanks Brett 

Hi Brett, would you kindly elaborate on your question.  Perhaps an example of what you are trying to accomplish would help us better understand your needs and allow us to provide an appropriate response.

Kind regards, James


Thank you James.   

I have new price changes the first of every month. As it is the last day of the month I will be working a couple hours after work, changing the prices so they will be ready for tomorrow the 1st when opening the store.

If I could change them all a few days before during the day and save that file then just have it automatically do it on the first day of the month or  such a day it would be great.

End of the month is coming up again. Any way I could create prices on another computer and back up then restore on point of sale on the 1st of the month.   I dont care about inventory control. The state program I have does that.  Only prices. 

Hi Brett, the backup and restore idea would work.  Are you are not concerned with your margin and cost figures?  If not, you could then you could set the cost to the original price and do a Global Price Adjustment based on the cost every month.  Kind regards, James


That is correct I am not concerned with cost margins of product or  inventory control. Nothing besides current price.  Another month coming sat night with more price changes than ever. I will look at that .

I'm not sure what that means maybe if I look at it. I will.

Maybe something like a back up file of now.prices

2. Change all the ones that change.

3. Save that backup as newmonth.Bak  

4. restore  now.prices.

5. first day of month  restore newmonth.bak


This have been implemented in version as an Inventory Price Update via csv file import.


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