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edit drawer at closing

How do other users edit their cash drawer at closing? My former software had a screen for this after the reconciliation of sales and drawer contents. Now I have to do it on paper! Yes, you can just remove the amount on the reconciliation screen, but if you have to adjust quantities of coins and bills, it gets difficult to process in my head. Any ideas?

Hi Amy, do you always start with the same amount?  If so then you could count it out once and then put the number of coins/bills or the amount of the coins/bills for each slot on a cheat sheet and tape it to the front of the till.


Is there anyway to print out the actual drawer count that you enter in. Ie the listing of how many of what you entered including individual checks?
Nothing automated.  As a workaround you could do a screen capture toss it into word or something and print it.


Thanks for all the suggestions! The cheat sheet is working for now.

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