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Make dialog for credit card number and auth code completely optional.

Software keeps popping up box asking for last 4 digits of credit card # even though program is set to not require it. Is there anyway to make program not ask for last 4 digits of credit card info when using the payment type of CCard? Thanks
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There should also be a box for Auth code.  Since you are not using the integrated card processing, this box is in place to ensure you do not complete the transaction until the card has been processed successfully.  It's basically a stop point to ensure you dont forget to process the card.  Since you are in manual processing mode, it sounds like you are giving the customer two receipts and do not need to print the auth code or last 4 of the card number on the main receipt.  If you want to make the screen only ask for confirmation that the card was processed (Yes, No) we can do that, but I recommend you still have a notification so the employees dont forget to charge the card.
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