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Would like the option to print a gift receipt for a specific item.

Currently all the items on the receipt appear on the gift receipt... would like an option to print a gift receipt for a specific item or multiple items.

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Hi Vicki, are yo referring to gift receipts or gift certificates?  Gift receipts can be printed from the Follow-up screen once the transaction is complete.  There is no option for gift receipts, but you can use actual gift cards with the system.  Our partner eCard ( can get you the cards.  Be sure to ask for two track cards.  The single track cards can be used, but we are having issues with the swipe being read.  We are currently working on a fix for that.


This feature is available as of version  CashFootprint will now allow you to print a gift receipt including all items or choose from a list of items on the receipt.  You will be able to print gift receipts directly following a transaction (from the follow-up success screen) or from the History > Receipt preview screen.


I would like to find out how to print a gift certificates. 

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