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Inventory warehouse vs storefront tracking

The ability to use the Inventory management and reporting function to show how much of each item is in the "warehouse" versus how much is in the "storefront" would be a great help in managing product availability.  In this context, items would be Received into the warehouse, Moved by the operator into the Storefront as appropriate, and then Sold from the Storefront's Inventory.

Stocking levels of items in the Storefront could be monitored to know what needs to be made ready and Moved from the Warehouse to the Storefront.  This would prevent the ever occurring situation whereby items have been Received but are not truly ready and available for sale.

Thank you for your consideration.  This would be a great help.

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Thanks for the feature request.  i know this is in progress, but dont believe we had a public request in the forum.  Thanks again, James


Thank you James.  I will look and hope for an announcement.
Tom Collier


Hello James.  Does it still sound as though we will have a CF release by y/e 2014 with this improvement?


I don't know if this is linked to the Multi-site feature. My logic tells me its a similar concept, but i may be wrong. A multisite feature where we could have multiple warehouses and multiple storefronts like for a chain of stores which we will be starting soon.

So let me explain the scenario. We would like to have 2 or three stores, each with their own set of terminals, which have their own stock numbers, but can check stock availability at any warehouse or store and even requisition stock from any warehouse or store. 

Centrally we  what how much off each product we have and where its located etc.

Its a bit of a big ask, but i thought i'd to ask anyway. 

Thanks for the great software.


Thanks for the feedback, this is getting into the features we'll be adding for our enterprise edition.  As of now, we do offer a multi-site license for $399 that will allow you to connect to multiple stores and use them as if you were there (using a separate icon on your desktop).


I will post back here when we anticipate starting the enterprise edition (multi-store stock transfer, reporting, etc)

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