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Option to Hide Store Credit Balance on Receipts

When a Customer uses Store Credit their Store Credit Balance is shown on the receipt.

We don't use the POS to track Store Credit - we use our accounting system instead - this is because we interact with customers in other Sales Channels (not just POS/Retail) such that their total credit position cannot be tracked in the POS.

Would it be possible to:

a) Make the tracking of Store Credit Balance optional; and

b) Optionally hide the Store Credit Balance on the Receipt?

(b) is more important than (a) for us.

thx Lothill team.

Hello Jarron, you should be able to go into Tools > Options > Business tab and turn off the Store Credit payment type.  This will ensure your users do not try to use SC and the amount will stay zero which will then ensure the SC line on your receipts is hidden.

Let me know if you do not experience this behavior.



Thx James,

I should have been more specific:

  • We want staff to use the Store Credit payment type (so the accountants know to invoice the customer)
  • But we want the option to show/not-show the credit balance on receipts.

Note: We did consider turning off Store Credit but it means that our till won't balance if we use Cash, Credit Card etc for a store credit transaction.



Aha!  Thanks for the clarification.  We will add a checkbox to the Options screen to hide the SC balance from the receipts.  The setting will be located on the Receipt layout tab with the other customer receipt options.

Thx James.
Hi James - I am testing the alpha/beta versions at the moment.  Just wanted to know which version I should be looking at to test the above pls?


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