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Quick sell buttons

Back over a year ago you announced that you were planning to add quick sale buttons. I have asked several times and have been told that other paid improvements had to be done first.
Can you give me an update on when we might see this feature.
I see it just as an icon on the main page that when selected opens up pages of icons. A Master label icon on top to identify that page. Like "Drinks" then all the buttons on that page would be drinks. Then other pages for different stuff.
For programming, could have a setup page for the icon pages where you simply link the icon button to a upc/code.
We really need this as 60 percent of our items we sell don't have upc codes on them. We tried printing out a booklet with upc codes for each item, but it takes too much time to look thru the book just to scan that one code.

Back a couple of updates ago, you had added a button to setup quick sale pages, but it had disappeared on this last update.
Thanks so much

This feature has been implemented as of version


Hey James & Lothhill team, hope all is well with you. Just checking in to see if you had an update on qs buttons yet. I know you are busy, just these would greatly help convenient stores. Thanks
Hello, that's correct.  We started implementation of the Quick Sell button earlier this year, but due to an issue with one of the previous alpha releases we needed to push hotfix.  We also had paid/rush projects that pushed the development of the QS buttons.  When the new release was created, we hid the QS button setup rather than allow it to create additional support questions (because it is not complete).

At this time we are working through online cart integration and stock location and have put the QS buttons back on the back burner along with AR/Open accounts.  We hope to resume these backlog items in Aug.

Kind regards