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Customer Discount only Partially Applied


  1. Start a new sale
  2. Enter (say) 5 products
  3. Select a Customer (that has a 30% Discount attached to its Customer record)
  4. Enter (say) 3 more products.


The 30% discount is only applied to the last 3 products added (ie. after remembering to select the customer).


Staff regularly forget to select the customer at the beginning of the Sale.  Can we change things such that the Customer Discount is applied to all line items in the Sale even if the Customer is selected later in the sale process?

Hey Jarron, thanks for reporting the issue.  Do you use inventory's Extended Pricing?  If not, feel free to download and install that as it addresses this issue and a few others.


Here are the release notes:
Items 6, 7 and 15 are customer related changes.  This is in our Dev release at the moment so you would need to uninstall and reinstall vs a simple upgrade.


It's like we knew you were going to ask for this feature! ;)

OK thx - I will check out the new release.

Jarron, were you able to get the latest version and try out the new Discount Manager?  I recommend version


I just tested DM on v1.4.3.6.

I can see how the Inventory Item Discounts/Margins function works.

But I could not find where to set the discounts for Attribute Groups (mentioned in the release notes).

Where should I be looking pls?

Under the manage targets button (lower right corner), you can add targets and select Attribute vs Item from the Target Type dropdown.  This is similar to the Loyalty setup if you have used that.  Let me know if you need additional info.


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