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Layaway feature

I have tested your software and so far have been impressed with its features.  I would like to switch to your software (we have 2 location and 4 registers), but we need a layaway feature.  Do you have any plans of adding this to your software?

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at this time the software does not have open account (AR) or layaway capability.  Here is the current work around:

Hi James, we created a different work around.. not sure which is better.  We created a payment entry... just like you did.  

Step one: enter in items to be part of layaway, however, instead of processing sale, save the transaction.  Be sure to enter customer info before saving transaction.

Step two:  accepting payments using payment entry created just like you did in your example. Once the payment is processed, we apply it as a store credit in the customers file and include note in customers file.  

Step three:  When final payment is being made a) open the saved sales transaction, b) apply store credit (total store credit from all layaway payments), c) apply final payment, d) process transaction.

The only issue I can see  with our work around is offsetting payments when we apply as store credit... can we off set applying payments as a check using AR and AR-?



Hi Dawn, sounds like you are trying to get actual Layaway functionality by not having the sale go into the books until final payment.  What you are doing with the Save transaction feature will work, but you'll need to make sure to process the payments separately using the PMT item and then issue a credit or refund as Store Credit.  That would then allow you to apply the final payment and store credit to the sale when you process it.  The part you're missing is the credit/refund step.

Let me know if you need additional clarification.
Is cashfoot print software getting any closer to handling real layaway AND store open accounts AR? We will give everyone a credit limit based on our knowledge of them a limit. Then when their charged limit is reach it needs to deny any further sales. I really don't want to have to use another program to print/store charges to maintain their account. Thanks so much! If this needs to be s paid feature update, just email me worn costs of reach one.

Yes, I need this too. With invoicing (where i can add my logo to the invoice or create my layout) and monthly, periodic or adhoc  statements of account.

Sorry, that last bit is for accounts receiving feature.

Hi Louis, this is now available in version via accounts receivable.  Layaway is slightly different as to when it hits the books.  AR goes on the books asap and Layaway is not considered a sale until the item has been paid in full.  We should be addressing Layaway in 2016.


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we're using a recently purchased version, and are unable to locate either the AR function or more specifically the desired Layaway function anywhere in the software. Is is possible to add a button on the toolbar from main screen ( say next to the sale/credit/refund buttons?)

or update the users manual to show how to access these functions?

Has the layaway function been added?  I'm running version 2.12.2 and don't see it.

Hi Desiree, not yet.  Most folks use the AR Account for this purpose.  Here is a video that covers that functionality.

To turn on AR Account, go to Tools menu > Options > Business tab and enable the AR Account payment type.

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