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Inventory and Customer Images via WebCam or File

 Add ability to either upload or snap an inventory or customer image.

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I like this. Would you consider an enhancement to enable a user to capture customer details and snap a pic in one work flow. What I mean is imagine a customer is standing in front o the counter and you are creating their profile there and then. You capture some basic details and then snap a pic and save it and your done. It can be quote a callable to take pictures outside of cash footprint and then upload later especially when you have many customers flowing through your doors.this feature is already working well for employee feature. By the way this is an idea for consideration, not an official feature request. There are other features more important to me than this.
Hello, the latest versions of CashFootprint can be found at  I do know that we are in the process of updating the automatic updates so versions newer than 1.5.0 will not update automatically.  You will need to download and install over the top of what you currently have installed.  MAKE A BACKUP FIRST.  Kind regards, James


When will be available?

 Hi Adonis, yes, images will be available for standard users as they are also tied into the Quick Sell buttons.  Kind regards, James

Would inventory pictures be available for standard users? please say yes!

Hi April, product images will be available in release and later.  This release should be publicly available soon.
I can see where we can add customer images but where do we do to upload a product image? I don't see that feature anywhere.


Ability to select images for inventory or customers has been added.  These will be sync'd to the online cart.

absolutely... we'll transfer all available info to the cart.

Also, would like the pics to transfer to online shopping cart, if possible!

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