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Track employee spiff incentives

 Add an option to track employee sales incentives by item. Incentive needs to be able to be defined such as selling a specific item and selling a specific item with any other item. Also a report generated showing employee, date of sale and incentive earned.

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We will add a property to an item called SPIFF.   This will be the incentive (amount of the bonus from the manufacturer).  As an additional implementation it makes sense that we add a Manufacturer property as well as two options for SPIFF:


1. Default Manufacturer SPIFF (covers all items from a manuf with out the need to specify at the item level).

2. SPIFF override on the inventory screen that allows the SPIFF to be set to a specific amount.

I think those solutions will work. A little more specifics:

Environment: Shoe Store

Item A carries a $5 spiff each time a pair is sold.

Item B carries a $5 spiff each time a pair is sold with any other pair of shoes the same size (this may be able to be accomplished though attributes)

Item C carries no spiff.

Item D is a sock and carries a $1 spiff.

One of each item A, C and D sold = $6 spiff

One of each item B and D sold = $1 spiff (Item D is not a shoe so the "B" spiff is not awarded.

One of each item A, B and D sold = $11 spiff

Nice... an option for linked/dependant spiffs, got it.  Makes integration more interesting, but very cool idea.

Basic implementation of this is complete and will be available as of version (in beta).


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