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UPS Shipping Integration

Would like to see integration of shipping with UPS, USPS, etc to allow for label printing for orders that require shipping.

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If you decided to implement this, Is there no way you could just create a way of connecting to couriers via an API. Many have apis for online stores. Excuse my ignorance of tech issues. But if such a thing is possible you could just have a standard interface regardless of the courier service. I'm pretty sure UPS has an api, but i'm not technical so i dont know if that could work with your software. This would be great for enabling your software to be internationally used.

I currently use an api from my courier company with my wordpress online store and cashfootprint for the physical store and stock management. If this was possible i would just connect to my courier via cash footprint instead. Much more stable and reliable.


Correct, this would likely be an API integration of sorts.  I will make sure it's on the backlog (I think it already is).


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