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Purchase Orders

We are already able to receive items. Need a way to create a PO and allow that to be imported into the receivings.

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I need something like this. we recived the contract with the city and need a way to but in a po # so I can bill them and keep track of the orders.

Right now i have to cash them out as --other-check-write in  "city and PO# "  then cash out,


This is a must have for us also.


I have used several POS systems and this feature is one of the most important and also brings more value to the software as well. It would be great if we could assign items to vendors(4-5 vendors per item would be sufficient) and then create PO's that are vendor specific. This way we can either print or email a PDF to the vendor for stock fulfillment, then when the product comes in we can verify what we ordered against what we received, update any costs from the PO and then be able to receive the product after verifying what was received.

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This is a hot list feature and will be addressed within the next couple months.


would love to be able to this also

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