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Expand search for Items as POS

Implement search by item attribute.  This will require implementation of a tag property for each attribute.  The tag will default to the attribute name minus any spaces and will be preceeded with a # symbol.


Implement search by item description.  Use the ! symbol followed by the desired description.


Another option would be to leave out the symbol and return anything that matches the SKU, attribute, and item description.  The normal checkout flow could be complicated if the symbols are not used as the POS could potentially return multiple items more than desired. (ex: item number 1234 also matches an item with 1234 in the description, but there is only one item in the inventory with that SKU)

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For me this is a great and highly needed feature. We search mostly by product name/description. and we would like to search a product in POS using a bar code scanner and just scanning the manufacturer's bar code, rather than creating our own barcodes.

So as i understand your solution we could create an attribute called "Manufacturer Bar Code", designate it as searchable and then using a bar code scanner in POS to find the product. Alternatively type the name/description and get matching suggestions. Am i right. If yes, we really need this.


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