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Rental Items

Implement a Rental module to allow for movie, game, or equipment rental.

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Here are the notes in our current backlog task.  please elaborate on feature needs so we can ensure you have whats needed.

Rental check out/in module.  Need to track item status (checked out/in), check out duration.  Auto assign late fees during check in.  Need the ability to have an item be available for sale and for rent without needing multiples of the same item in inventory.


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 Thanks for reviving this thread guys.  I will add more urgency to this backlog item.  Kind regards, James

Having a rental module would really increase the field of operations for this software! I have a movie store and hate the DOS program I am stuck with! Yes it is very old software but at least tracks where my rentals are located.


Yes this would be a really useful implementation. Next week would be good!
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