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Sales Report by Item

Need a sales report for the day and year that totals by item sold.  So if 10 items were sold in a day need a report with item name listed once along with a quantity of "10" and sales price, etc


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Added as of version

Also need to include the category of the item(s) sold, and the vendor info all as a summary!

This is taken care of as of version You can run reports by a custom selection of attribute groups.

What about a COGS report or an inventory report that shows the cost/quantity of each item sold? Am I missing it somewhere?

Hi, at this time the cost only appears on the Profit breakdown and inventory reports.  The sales reports show ext sale price and qty for each item.  We have added this request to our backlog and will have the cost added to the sales reports as well with ability to hide the cost for those employees who do not have permission to see it.
Kind regards, James


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