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Open cash Drawer ("No sale") Without Printing Receipt

We use an Epson- Receipt-Printer-driven Cash Drawer.


When our staff use the No Sale function to open the cash drawer, a short, empty receipt is printed.  This is very wasteful of thermal paper and confuses the staff.


It seems that Cashfootprint opens the cash drawer for No Sale by sending a single line receipt with a blank character (or carriage return, line feed, or similar).


Instead, can Cashfootprint be enhanced to just send the Drawer Open command to the Receipt Printer?

This might be helpful for folks. We have the POS-X Evo Green, purchased from Lothill and an older cash drawer. We also had trouble with the pesky paper advancing on drawer kickout.  On the receipt printer driver we changed it from the default TO "no feed". We next told the POS software to cut the it works great. It seems that if you pick anything other than "no feed" on the printer driver the printer will advance the paper on cash drawer kickout.


That's interesting, if the drawer kicks when you print and you don't have a drawer driver selected in cash footprint, that tells me that the driver is controlling the drawer not the software. let's get through the tax issue and then circle back to this one when I can login and take a look. Thanks for the follow up, James
Not a major problem . I'd rather see work done on Tax inclusive than this.
Reinstalled the win driver for sam4S giant 100. No kick box ticked anywhere in the win driver. The extra tab is just more kick boxes. No drawer driver selected in CFP. Sam4s giant 100 selected as receipt printer. Test printer button works well. Print receipts and open drawer works well. No sale button doesn't work at all!
Also, what's on the Extra Options tab?


uncheck the Open cash drawer option.  You should let CashFootprint control the kick.  If you have it selected in the driver and cashfootprint you will definitely see odd behavior.  If the driver has Open cash drawer selected, it will kick the drawer open anytime anything is sent to the drawer.  Yo ucould get it to pop just from printing to it from Notepad.  Since CashFootprint is sending the pop command yo uwill need the selection in the driver turned off (uncheck Open Cash Drawer 1).

What's on the Device Settings tab?


Mike, I don't recall working with the printer you mentioned.  I know start, epson and POS-X all have certain settings that fix this issue.  Can you supply images of the printer properties dialog within Printers and Devices?

Thanks, James


Yes the connection is to the printer. I have tried EVERY option in the printer driver settings .
Hi Mike, let me know if you need me to log in and help with this.  This is a driver settings for the PRINTER, the drawer would connect to the back of the printer via a phone-like cable, unless it is a USB drawer.  I am happy to assist you, just open a ticket in the helpdesk and we'll get you taken care of as best we can.

Kind regards, James.
Adding a drawer driver results in a feed and a cut! The only way to stop it is not add a drawer. I have wasted hours trying every combination and still opening the drawer with no sale either doesn't work or results in a paper feed and cut Sam4s thermal usb 80mm
And still no fix for this annoying problem.

While We are talking about the Cash Drawer. Unless I'm missing it somewhere in Options. I'd like to see the System ask for a password for a no sale in future updates!

Thanks, and God Bless


Star printers do work as we have many users with them.  If i recall correctly, the correct setup would be to use the POS-X/Epson Windows Driver selection from the Driver drop down menu within the Receipt/Hardware tab.  We may need to setup a time to get this working via a remote session and then document the procedure.  I know we are in the process of implementing raw Star commands.  At present ESCPOS would work if you can get the printer into that mode.

Kind regards, James


Hi Dermot O'Dea,

do you know how to get rid of that issue? I have a star tsp700ii printer, and every time I do a no sale to open the draw it prints a 7" blank paper. if i make a test sale it does the same thing then print the receipt after. I am still in trial mode of this software but this is the only reason why I have purchased it yet. Your help would be greatly appreciated. 

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