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Inventory Report

We have approximately 50,000 sku's the we imported from our vendors.  We only carry about 8,000 sku's in stock.  If there were a report that I could run that would show how many of an item has been sold as well as how many are currently on hand it would make ordering much easier.  Right now I am having to create individual reports for quantity sold and quantity on hand and then merge the reports in excel so I can see sold and on hand side by side.  With that information I can make a better decision about which inventory to re-order and its priority.



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I agree!  And the report that would include the date an item was added/entered into CFP.  This would be good to also include when we view or lookup inventory.

Yes, I would like this too.


Hi All, the next version of CashFootprint will have a Current on Hand column on the Sales Report by Item# report.  This sounds like what yo uare looking for.  We will also be fleshing out some more reports in 2018.  Thank you for your feedback!

Kind regards, James


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