To link/share data among multiple terminals you should already have CashFootprint installed and operational on an existing computer.


One purchase of CashFootprint is required per teminal.  If you have already purchased your additional terminals, continue with these instructions; otherwise, click here to purchase.  After purchasing all the required terminals, you will need to re-request the activation code for the total number of licenses that will be connected to the system.


Now that you've got all the licenses, go to the existing "main/server" computer, click the Help Menu and select Registration.

  1. Change the new number of terminals
  2. Update the code to the new code you requested after purchasing your additional terminals.


Make sure SQL Server is configured properly on the main/server computer:

  1. Find out where you need to connect your new terminals to: Which server instance and/or database CashFootprint is connected to?
  2. Ensure SQL Server is visible to the network: SQL Server Setup/Install and Server Visibility
  3. Install CashFootprint on the new terminals (CashFootprint only, do not install SQL Server again).
  4. Start CashFootprint on the new computer.  When asked to select the server, click Advanced.  Use the following link for proper connection information: How to change the server connection.


If you do not see the server listed or you get a connection error, it may be due to a firewall setting on the main computer. SQL Server Firewall Ports for Multiple Terminals