Release Date: 6/24/2013



  1. Users must now have permission to check for application updates.
  2. Added restrictions for transaction discounts.  Discount maximums can be set globally for all employees or at the employee level.  The POS screen will verify the total discount given by the employee when the Process Transaction button is clicked.  If the employee has exceeded their max discount level, manager approval/override is required to finish the transaction.  Only employees with the "Allow user to override maximum..." permission set can override the discount restriction.
  3. Added a new user permission to restrict users without permission from checking and installing new application updates.
  4. Reorganized employee permissions by adding a Point of Sale group to provide easier viewing and understanding of what area of the program is affected by the specific permission.
  5. Added support for pole displays the use the IEE command set.
  6. Enhanced issue handling for Check for Updates module.
  7. Enhanced test method for printer.  Will now show actual business information in the header instead of the demo header.