Release Date: 06/09/2013



  1. Added barcode printing support - not yet visible to users.
  2. Refunding to a Gift Card will now activate the card if not already active.  Previously it was assumed that the card was already active.  (ie: the card used for the original transaction is the same card to refund to.)
  3. Fix: There was an issue while adding bundles to the sale list.  The Ask For Description feature caused and error and did not allow the item to be added to the list.
  4. Enhanced the check for updates module.  The actual update of the application is now going to run as a Windows administrator to allow for newer files to be copied to the system.  Older versions should be run as administrator prior to performing the update.  A backup of the previous version is retained as well in the event a rollback is needed.  No user uninstall or install of updates is needed.  CashFootprint will handle all necessary updates.