Release Date: 5/8/2013


To upgrade, uninstall the existing version of CashFootprint first.  After uninstalling the old version, run the install for the new version.  In the future this step will not need to be needed.  DO NOT UNINSTALL SQL SERVER


  1. Added added loyalty rewards notification when adding a customer to a sale.  required updating core loyalty logic.
  2. Added dynamic descriptions!  Used for items where the description varies. The item's base description is the default.
  3. Updated inventory structure with new AskForDescription property.
  4. Updated TransactionModel.Payments property to a new PaymentCollection class which implements IList(Of TransactionPayment)
  5. Added CSV as an export file type.
  6. Updated options form to ignore font and font size selections if the driver or printer selected do not use them.
  7. Fixed initial load location of the main form.  If the app is closed during a minimized state, the location would be set to off the visible screen.  The location is now only saved if the app is closed in a normal state (not maximized or minimized).  Also, if the app is moved out of the visible area, it will be moved back upon startup.
  8. Added Sales Report > Summary - List by Item.  This report shows the total quantity and amount of sales for a particular item within a given period of time.  Additional information includes minimum sale price, maximum sale price and average sale price.
  9. Adjusted activation/registration to ignore case.
  10. Updated a few areas of the program where an ampersand was not displaying properly.
  11. Added a startup screen to allow the user to select to evaluate or be taken to the activation screen for registration.  The new screen provides an explanation of where to get their code and what to do to continue evaluating.
  12. Added Help menu links to tutorials, helpdesk, user manual, facebook, twitter,
  13. Added Global Item Attribute Adjustment form to allow for mass updating of inventory attributes.  Possible updates include override all with new attributes and add attributes to existing attribute selection.
  14. Added new update module to allow for seamless upgrades to LotHIll applications.