Release Date: 3/6/2013



  1. Added a fax field to the customer setup
  2. Updated the customer search by phone (you can now search by any part of the phone or fax number)
  3. Added the ability to lock the pos by using File > Lock
  4. Added a Lock after Transaction feature for the main POS screen. This feature is turned on through Tools > Options > Business tab.
  5. The app will now remember the location of the main pos window.
  6. Moved the options to a user config file instead of a custom options.xml
  7. Added a receipt header to the receipts. The header information is static and can be configured through Tools > Options > Receipt/Hardware tab > Receipt Layout tab.
  8. Moved the receipt header and footer information to a new tab within options. See Tools > Options > Receipt/Hardware > Receipt Layout
  9. Added a refresh button for the Printers dropdown within Tools > Options > Receipt/Hardware tab > Printer/Drawer tab.
  10. Added shift+f7 shortcut to item details button on POS screen
  11. Added History, Add and Edit buttons to Customer lookup screen
  12. Added coupon item type to inventory settings.  Coupons will always apear as a negative amount within the pos screen.
  13. Added command line arguments to allow for automated backups via Windows Task Scheduler (example use: CashFootprint.exe /backup /f "c:\sql backups" /s). /backup tells CashFootprint to start the backup process instead of opening the POS, /f is used to specify the folder to place the backup, use /s for silent execution.
  14. Added transaction source and status to be used with work orders to allow users to keep track of where a transaction came from (walk-in, online, phone, etc) as well as it's current state (open, packing, shipped, etc).
  15. Added the ability to export any table to XML or a delimited text file.  Accessible from the Tools > Server/Database menu.
  16. Moved the backup and restore buttons out of options to the main Tool > Server/Database menu for easier access.  Employee permissions to Options is still required to run a backup.
  17. Added the ability to purge transactions. This should only be done after a backup or training is complete.  Accessible from the Tools > Server/Database > Purge Transaction by Date menu.
  18. Added an option to change the color of the background fade from Green to any custom color (html code or color by name). See Tools > Options > Terminal tab.
  19. Added ability to login without a password (badges, ID cards, etc.). This feature is turned on through Tools > Options > Business tab.