Please uninstall any older versions first. (DO NOT UNINSTALL SQL SERVER or your data may be lost.)

Always make a precautionary backup of your data before changing versions (Tools menu > Server/Database > Backup database). 

Here is the full upgrade procedure (9 minutes):


7502.16.1 bug - Cash discount not showing on initial receipt.2.16.2
7492.16.1 bug - cash discount description not showing correctly on AR payment receipt.2.16.2
748Allow time clock screen to stay open2.16.2
747Add restriction that users can only use the POS if they are clocked in.2.16.2
737Not sure why we are putting the date on each line item. We can remove the date, move the UPC left and put the group code in.
736Will use Custom Value 1 or Custom Value 2 for the original sales price.
735The selected vendor attribute for a given item will automatically be added to the label.
734Fix the bug that doesn’t save the deletion of a PO row from a given PO.
733The case quantity is already on the initial screen that asks you for the quantity and cost, but you also want it on the main po grid.
732Group Code (your item code) on the re-order report in addition to the UPC/SKU.
730Add permission. Employee can void all invoices. It is more useful and protective if a employee just con void the current invoices but not invoices from the past.2.15.16
729add an option to require manager approval to close the program.2.15.16
728Added email signature to receipts and email module. setup in options.2.16.1
727Added column sorting to list on receiving, employee and vendor lists2.16.1
702Add gift card sales to EOD report.
694Added tree view to report viewer for faster searching by group
693Added PayGuardian EBT
689Add po and receiving. Add invoice number, invoice date , date received
683Updated scale weight for the screen and receipt.
682Updated formatting helpers to allow for invalid objects to be properly converted.
680Fixed issue with cash rounding now working in some rare cases.
675Fixed emailed receipts so they have the proper transaction date on them.
674Added form location and state save for tracking form.
673Added pull in of customer number when adding a new customer from the customer search screen
672Made Customer search by phone more flexible. Removed the format and enhanced search
671Fixed update error due to restricted SQL Server permissions. Required for corporate servers with restricted access.
670Added password requirement for manager override.
669Added password requirement for users.
668Upgraded about assembly list for easier copy and paste.
667Added permission to Session History menu. This is controlled by view sales report permission
666Added user permission to Modifier menu item. This is controlled by access to manage Inventory permission
665Added item tracking note when adding a new item
664added total to saved receipt when show prices is selected.
663Fixed issue with sales tax when updating to a newer version. now supports the null values from adding new columns.
662Foxed vendor selection showing too many link on the inventory screen
661Need ability to adjust age verification timeout.
659Modifier change not refreshing the transaction totals.
617Add Fingerprint capability to login screen.2.16.1
615Need to be able to print the word Quote, or something custom on the receipt instead of Invoice. This will be used when saving the receipts
551Get a Free Quote for card processing
534Add options for void receipts (Always, Ask, Never)2.16.2
529Cash rounding item not being added to system in some cases. need to add it automatically, if not found
527Transaction got processed without payment matching the balance due
520Sales reports showing the wrong avg price and cost numbers
498Need a better way to delete the last item entered into a transaction without selecting the item first. caution, this currently would fail if someone made a typo and wanted to delete the typo from the sku box on the pos screen
487Need to be able to use AR buttons from the Edit customer screen
486Need the words INVOICE on the full-page receipts.
469Card processing has issues when trying to process a card and then need to enter manually.
459Pass feature selection to server when checking for updates. This will help in determining app usage of certain features. Simple true/false values, no other client data.
404Allow item return/credit in same transaction as items sold
386Only random weight items should have 3 dec on receipts.
363Need to take a look at how to address reporting when transactions are created on one PC and then processed on another. The closing session date range is incorrect.
265Cash discount or credit card surcharge2.16.0
204Fixed EOD Emails not getting emailed when report printer is None.
196Need to be able to reprint Xout reports
165Fixed word wrap on receipts. words getting cut off
145Xout, no reconcile
139Added automatic gift card deactivation after expiration date.
120Added ability to have the import process update existing items.
109Need to add feature for applying credit card fee when cards are used.2.16.0
49Fixed error when Page header or footer longer than a page.