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IDWork Item TypeTitle

64Product Backlog Itemfix: item search screen needs to allow All selection for attributes too. right now it's "Has any of these attributes"

213Product Backlog Itemadded record count to all pages grid views

122Product Backlog ItemAdd option to hide manual card processing screen. Add auth code required option. Moved Last 4 requirement to Merchant tab.

210Product Backlog ItemAdd two custom values to inventory items.

194Product Backlog ItemPrint product label when sold. Includes label editor within Add-ons tab.

203BugFixed: Inventory and Item Search screens not remembering last position.

207BugFixed: title on custom report generator always reads as Custom Sales Report Generator even when running custom inventory or reorder reports.

208Product Backlog ItemAdd lock down option to stop asking for a customer at POS screen. The button will now be hidden and only accessible from Options.