Please uninstall any older versions first. (DO NOT UNINSTALL SQL SERVER or your data may be lost.)

Always make a backup of your data before changing versions.



190fix: item/sku and group code validation. users can now swap group code and sku without needing to change sku, save then edit and enter group code.

59enhanced: removed receiving logic from normal item search query to speed up query. Moved receiving logic to a separate lookup thats only called when needed from within the receiving GetDetails call.

58fix: when editing items from receiving screen the photo and variations were not loading. this has been corrected and all will load upon inital display of the edit form

57fix: email messages failing when sending attachments. fixed by alstering Send command. Send will now create a single message and simply change the recipients between send calls.

53when editing an item from the receiving screen the variations grid had the incorrect columns. moved the grid column load to before the _quickadd check within the Load event

56fix: corrected checkbox behavior for attribute setup screen.

55fix: whitelabelhelper icon property corrected to determine if LogoIcon was nothing vs LogoBackgroundImage

51enhanced: updated employee screen to accommodate growing list of user permissions

54fix: physical inventory update updated to look at businessid as well as SKU since SKU is not business specific.

52update .net framework to .net 4.0

50fix : misc issues with saving variation photos

172create units for items in inventory

10fix customer assignment when opening a saved transaction

182Adjustment Codes and Adjustment report

197moved Sales Incentive field to Specialty tab

188fix: assembled items on hand value updating when transaction saved. should not update.

178Full report with discount on the bottom as subtotal

5receipt print during cash drawer adjustment

175Add ability to change user password for currently signed in account "change my password"

185rename apply tax button to tax. rename sales person to Assistant. this will save space on the POS toolbar

180breakup inventory permission into permissions for receiving and another for inventory, Import & physical inventory update

183add employee permission to restrict modification of onhand

63add utility to zero inventory on hand

179Barcode labels add multiple items at once

177Log off button on the main menu

186add one-click to POS screen for Qty, Price and Tax. Only one row at a time can be clicked.

142configure the sale grid font, font size, colors for selected and non-selected items.

198add sub total to sales tax breakdown report

199add GetQuantityFromScale to linked items SEL

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