Always make a backup of your data before changing versions.

  1. Biometric clock in/out and sign in via COM port integration of scanner. Basically, if we assign a port, that means its active and intended to be used. The test button within Options will allow us to test the connection, but will only display a success message upon a good read.

  2. Updated clock in/out confirmation screen with adjustable auto close period (default 4 seconds).

  3. Updated Sign in form with adjustable auto close period. (default 30 seconds).

  4. Added pay rate to employee settings

  5. Added overtime calculation settings to System Options (aka Business Options). ex: 8 hours/pay, 40 hours/week, etc.

  6. Added database tools: Compact & repair, backup and restore to System options Data Source tab.

  7. Updated timesheet reports to display regular and overtime hours as well as grow earnings.

  8. Translated entire app into Spanish. This uses the system regional settings to drive the language.

  9. Updated reporting to use a new Report options form to allow users to select a specific employee, show details or summary, show gross earnings (for payroll), and display 1 employee per page.

  10. Added a employee permission “Can see/manage pay rates”. This permission will cause the employee screen to mask the pay rates and disable the Show Earnings feature within the report options screen.